Trekking in the Moroccan desert


The desert is a dream for nature lovers.

« I’ve always loved the desert. You sit on a sand dune. You see nothing. You hear nothing. And yet something shines in silence… »
Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Trekking South Morocco


The desert, with its blinding light and its heat which warms bodies and hearts, its sandy winds and its blue sky, the immense and starry nights, which city dwellers have forgotten or quite simply have never known, is this immensity which resembles an eternity where the notions of time and space are conquered.
Just looking at the images of the desert one feels deeply touched, one feels fascinated and one experiences an extraordinary sensation of distant dreams and a desire to go there and discover it.
The desert… it is the image of simplicity, the unlimited freedom of nomads, a submarine of honor and delicate sense of love of nature.

The desert is not only expanses of sand, but also uninhabited areas not cultivated by humans. Thanks to its geographical location, the Zagora desert offers a great diversity of landscapes: ergs, regs, wadis, djebels, hamadas, dayas and oases… each landscape has its own fascinating beauty and is a place of peace, immensity , inspiration and poetry. Sit on a dune and contemplate a beautiful sunset or sunrise, rest in the shade of an acacia or palm tree, be under a starry sky in the moonlight or let yourself be rocked on the back of a a camel is a true feeling of happiness, liberation and a return to the simplicity of life.

What is a trip to the Draa Valley desert if it is not just an incredible chance to discover an extraordinary world, endless landscapes full of cultural riches, sights and remains of ancient civilizations , a simple and healthy life and hospitable and welcoming people.