For a stay in Morocco (less than 3 months), you only need a valid passport. Please note, for certain countries a visa is required, check with the Moroccan consulate located in your country of residence.

No, you can change it on site as soon as you arrive at the airport, at exchange offices, banks, or at an ATM. Please note, it is prohibited to import or export dirhams. Remember to only change what is necessary.

Tipping in Morocco is not obligatory, but for a particularly good service, leave 10% of the total bill in restaurants. Between 10 and 50 DH for hotel employees (porters, chambermaid). Your guides and drivers also expect to receive a tip. You can leave a certain amount at your discretion. Never give money to children, bring pencils or pens.

Morocco is a country where the weather is beautiful all year round. In winter we seek warmth and blue skies in southern Morocco and the desert. In summer, we appreciate the freshness at altitude in the Atlas, or near the winds of the Atlantic coast. To find out more, consult the annual temperatures for all regions of Morocco.

The maximum number of passengers in a 4×4 vehicle is six to seven passengers, but for greater comfort we limit the number to 4 or 5 passengers per vehicle.

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