Your guide will wake you up in the morning. The best is given for dismantling the tents and gathering your belongings before breakfast.

 Breakfast :
Breakfast is served in the restaurant tent or outdoors.
On the menu: bread, butter, jam, honey, milk, black tea, mint tea, instant coffee, chocolate, cheese.
Then short briefing on the day’s itinerary and around the map and final recommendations for preparing your backpack for the day.

You temporarily leave the team responsible for logistics, which you will meet again for lunch or at the next bivouac location. The longest walking times are concentrated in the morning (on average 3 to 4 hours in the morning compared to 2 hours in the afternoon).
Your guide leads the walk at everyone’s pace, he provides breaks for photos and the distribution of dried fruits (almonds, walnuts, dates, figs).

 Lunch :
Lunch is taken in nature, in the shade of a tree. Welcome tea then, seated on a mat and a few mattresses, you can enjoy the meal prepared by your cook.
On the menu: varied salads, rice, pasta, potatoes, canned fish, “Vache qui Rit”, seasonal fruits and mint tea.
Relaxation with a restorative nap for some, writing or games for the children.

The afternoon :
Walk to the bivouac or evening shelter. On your arrival, hot tea, some biscuits or pancakes await you.
At the bivouac the common facilities and tents have been set up in advance by the teams.
Organization of your end of the day with toilet, weather free before dinner.

Dinner and night :
Debriefing of the day with your guide around dinner, taken in the restaurant tent.
A moment of great conviviality and it is not uncommon for a song or music competition to begin with the Berber team.
On the menu: Moroccan soup, hot dish (tagine or couscous, pasta dish with sauces), dessert and verbena or herbal tea. We go to bed early and, after a last look at the starry sky, a restful night awaits you in your tent.
Night sometimes disturbed by a careless donkey or the early awakening of the village muezzin.

Toilets :
If the stay takes place in a desert environment, the water provided is more or less abundant.
In the desert: every evening, a basin will be given to each participant with a ration of water.
If the water level in the wells is too low, washing may not be done daily.
Carry biodegradable wipes in your luggage.
One or two mobile toilet cabins are available to participants.