Family trEK

Going on a family Trek with KARIM SAHARA TREKKING is the assurance of living unforgettable experiences in complete safety. We have selected for you itineraries and activities suitable for children and adults, so that everyone can fully enjoy their vacation.
KARIM SAHARA TREKKING has designed trips to try family adventures in the desert and southern Morocco, to share with your children the pleasure of walking, with short stages, fun activities, moments of relaxation.
With attentive and specially trained guides… make the most of your stay with your family.
The hikes with camels available are adapted to the pace of the youngest. Ideal for a vacation in Morocco to meet Berber families.

Our company stands out for the quality of its support. We offer small groups of 5 to 12 people maximum, mainly made up of families with children.
This creates a friendly and warm atmosphere, conducive to exchanges and discovery.
Our guides do everything they can to ensure that your stay is pleasant and worry-free. You will not have to worry about transporting your luggage, which will be provided by our staff. This way, you will only carry your belongings for the day and will be able to fully enjoy your activities.
At KARIM SAHARA TREKKING, your safety is our top priority. We do everything we can to offer you a peaceful and pleasant holiday, by selecting itineraries and activities adapted to your level and that of your children. We offer several types of family trips, suitable for all ages and interests.


Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our family vacation offers and book your stay.

A stay in the dunes

In the heart of a palm grove or bivouac among the dunes, young and old will enjoy camel rides and starry nights. Exploring the Saharan spaces provides a rare feeling of freedom and you enjoy these moments with your family.

Trekking in Morocco, for whom?
Young and old from 5 years old.
To do what ?
Racing on sandy slopes, learning to bake bread in the middle of the desert, searching for the Big Dipper in the dark night.
3 to 5 days, 1 to 4 hours of walking per day. The camels carry the children if they are tired, so the adults can have fun.
A physical training
No specific training required
French-speaking Berber guide.
When to go to the desert in Morocco?
From December to April, because in the Sahara, temperatures increase from March, reaching their maximum in May until September. The desert is also characterized by a large thermal amplitude: cool nights, hot days.Formalities
Passport valid during your stay. For minors: a valid passport and family record book. Moroccan law requires that children traveling with people other than their parents have an authorization to leave the territory.

Follow the usual rules: frequent hand washing, hot and cooked foods, capsuled drinks.
As for viper bites and scorpion stings, they are a rare but real risk in the Sahara.
Where sleep ?
In fixed or mobile camps in the dunes and in a guest house in the heart of the palm grove in Zagora.
What to eat?
Moroccan soup, tagine, couscous, oranges with cinnamon, dates, rice pudding. The famous bread baked in desert sand.
Water is precious in the desert, don’t waste it!
How to equip yourself?
In town, correct clothing that respects local customs is essential: no shorts or Bermuda shorts, tank tops or clothes that are too tight or low-cut.
In the desert, we protect ourselves from the sun and sand (during the day), but also from the cold (at night).